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xrcise fuel sparkling protein drink

Enjoy before, during or after exercise or physical activity

The XF advantage

NO aspartame

NO stimulants

NO caffeine

99% sugar-free

Refuel, Repair & Recover like no other sparkling protein + vitamin drink

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Where does the power in Xrcise Fuel come from?

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"feel the power within" comes from having the freedom to pursue your own authentic purpose with passion…

Active people love Xrcise Fuel

I normally train at 5am so getting up that early and not being able to eat doesn’t give me a lot of fuel in the tank for my workout and in some cases I do two sessions, one crossfit and I found the days where I did a double session I drank Xrcise Fuel wonder drink and I saw great results, not only did it taste great, but it gave me enough energy, but also didn’t give me that short spike like most energy drinks.

Marina W – Qld

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I love the taste of XF’s refreshing lime flavour; it also gives me a huge energy boost and the replenishment I need after my workout

Oliver Barany